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Project Description
This is a WPF application that uses Reactive Extensions to implement an RSS feed reader.

Note: this project has been deprecated. Please visit the current version at

This is a WPF application that implements an RSS feed masher (i.e., combines multiple feeds into a single presentation object). It has been written using the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) design pattern. The application uses Reactive Extensions (Rx) to download and assemble the RSS information. Accordingly, it is useful as a way to explore the integration possibilities between Rx and MVVM.

The application also uses HtmlAgilityPack to help parse HTML tags.


The above exhibit shows the main view. As shown, the left side is devoted to a listbox that contains all of selected/filtered RSS items. The right side includes a WPF WebBrowser which displays the details for the selected item. The bottom right includes a list of image tags found in the item.

Sorting and filtering are accomplished by the WPF ComboBoxes along the top.


As shown, this tab contains a WPF DataGrid which lists the various feeds.

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